Thursday, July 15, 2010


Back home again... Not any richer in coins... but the true riches being able to get away with friends for a couple days... without the chores of cooking and everyday chores were nice... But... I am home again and yesterday was 3 loads of laundry... making a trip to town for groceries to get the household up and running again... I baked some old fashion molasses cookies for the adult cookie monster that resides here... the garden is also producing .... a large jar of sliced cucumbers in sweet and sour vinegar was prepared yesterday and sweet corn was eaten for supper last evening.... Today I have a kettle of green beans and bacon to be placed on to cook..... I have some house cleaning to complete and a heat advisory is in effect for our area today..... I am off to complete some chores before this effect is felt... Will be stopping by to visit many of you this afternoon ..... but for now I am off to still play catch up... Blessings.....

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Lady Farmer said...

I am eagerly awaiting (local) corn to be available in our stores and produce stands! One of my favorite meals! Who needs anything more besides fresh homemade butter and a shaker of salt?
And talk about favorites ~ green beans and bacon ( I love to add some onion and garlic to mine)! Another stand alone meal! Delish!
Glad your time with friends was refreshing!
Be Blessed!