Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Weekend

I am taking a short break as I am trying to beat the heat getting chores done around the house....I am about to turn the AC on as the hot and sticky has arrived... My daughter just called on her way to Toledo to classes on her last year to becoming a RN.... She told me she just talked to me from Pioneer, Ohio to Toledo, Ohio and thought she had full filled her visiting duty for the day... She's a toot...
Saturday of this weekend we will be attending a wedding in Findlay, Ohio for Tom's nephew....Greg... He is home from Tennessee today and course Tom and him are off golfing this morning spending time together... Tom has himself quite occupied this week.... about every moment taken up... This evening we will stop at the Elks for the monthly drawing at 7:30 and then attend the Tinora Baseball tournament at 8:00 which is just down the road from the Elks in Defiance... Sunday we will leave for a few days as I posted earlier....
I shared some lovely pics from site... She has some lovely ideas if you want to stop by... I just love the use of canning jars...{the one pic the bride and groom had family and guest send pictures of their weddings and they used them for centerpieces... cute idea... and very budget friendly...}
I am off to finish chores and finish some altered art cards and I have to run one card to the post office for we will also miss a wedding in Defiance we really would like to be at... Don't ya just hate it when that happens????? Have a pleasant day and I am hoping the forecast is right that we are to have some relief from the heat this weekend.... Blessings


Sandi said...

These photos are gorgeous Marietta! It sure is HOT isn't it? I just went outside to get the mail and quickly came back in. Sweldering heat...stay cool!!

Farm Field Primitives said...

Hi!! I don't know if you follow this blog or not, but it reminded me of you. Have a great day!!