Monday, August 9, 2010

A Bit Of Energy Required

Good Morning.. Sure wish that maid would get moving... Not much getting done yet this morning.. She is really goofing off.... Was a some-what busier weekend for me that a normal one... Friday night we played mixed couples scrambles... Saturday night we went to church and then to the Elks for a drawing a a dance that was held outside... We enjoyed the company of 2 old friends that we haven't seen much of this summer and yesterday I went to the church festival at 8 in the morning to work my shift... Then not after 5 minutes of returning home from festival 4 of Tom's grandchildren and a friend and his 2 daughters were at the house to swim.. and chat...
This morning I am moving as slow as the maid above as I finish sipping my coffee and the first of 2 laods of laundry is washing... and a kettle of green beans have been cleaned for cooking this afternoon...still yet another picking from our garden... Have I mentioned having a pool creates messy problems with running in and out and dragging grass ect. and spotting the floors... no matter how many times you say dry off for awhile... Tom say" it's all a part of it" as he is over to the golf course before I ever arose again this morning...Grrrrr... We are expecting another week in the 90's according to the weather reports... plants and grass are pretty well dried up and turning brown... I am thinking I need to enjoy what summer has yet to offer even though it is not at it's best... We can still treat ourselves to life's simple pleasures however... and be thrilled to be a part of the world.. I will be giving it my all as I have a mission to " Make Do"in almost every aspect of my life... Simple pleasures I enjoy everyday in fact right this moment... a little yellow finch is here drinking from my china dishes water fountain... This little birds and family have been coming for a couple months now and drinking and singing a little tune before partaking of the water... I add fresh water twice a day for them.. Also I have a hummingbird that visits a couple times a day... usually morning and evening and goes to the trumpet vine and flowering plants... It is a daily ritual I will miss this winter when they leave for parts....
Well hopefully I will think of a more creative post tomorrow as I am off to try and make the household chores more happy... Since it is "all a part of it" you know ...grrrr.. Maybe I need to think back to the 1800's chores and back to mom in the earlier 1900's to give myself a boost of energy... Ok I won't be baking biscuits today over a hot stove... Tom will be coming home around noon or 1 and eat lunch and most likely take a swim and a nap and arise and leave again at 3 or so for another golf course where he will play Elks league ... return home 8:30 or 9 ... watch some TV and fall asleep....I will be on my own for supper... without biscuits....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous time to enjoy with Hubby & Family!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I know exactly how you feel I have been moving like that for a while now. Sure could use your maid even if she is slow. lol
Glad you had a great weekend sounds like a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

Dear Marietta,
How have you been?
I always seem to have a hard time getting things done on Monday.
I am having an even harder time getting back to blogging!
We have a nest of baby Mourning Doves under the eaves of our shed roof. She and her babies have been protected from the awful heat and rain. Seems like that poor mama bird was sitting on those eggs forever!

It's nice to hear you are getting some veggies from your garden ~ ours has sorta dried up for the Summer, although my herbs are still looking pretty good.

When I think of what our grandmothers had to do for chores! I have a couple of those old fashioned cast iron irons, boy you would really have some muscles in your arms using those!