Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Enjoying Connections With The Past

Some of my posts I speak of the good old days... not that I am trying to live in the past... just not wanting to let go of some of the things I feel strongly to try to hold onto wonderful family traditions... My mom's generation held strong to keep them surviving in my childhood ad I have since then seen them slipping away.... Wonderful meals with biscuits served at every meal... I just don't believe it is very important for our children to inherit the family silver anymore... if you understand what I am trying to say...Plastic throw a ways will work just fine for them.... Ideas for our children to make household chores easy is to hire a house keeper.... I just don't see the framed pictures with " There's No Place Like Home" hanging.... Wanting the kids and grand kids to visit seems to become a chore as it seems we do not have enough to entertain them available in our home... What ever happened to the running in the fields , finding wonderful pieces of fruit hanging from trees and partaking... and just enjoying conversation of one an others lives.... I do so hope the joining of communities and promises to help one another in this world keeps going strong... Not living in the past but I can strongly state I loved the years of family friends and community... A good start and foundations in ones life begins with others and coming home with treasured memories to hold on to... Creating tangible connections to the past and ways and the fruits of ones labor are all strong lessons in life and creates purpose I would love to see our youth enjoy and be introduced to more.....


Alaina said...

I love your post. I am a firm believer of traditions. I remember as a child the traditions of going to my grandparents for all the holidays. My mother also tried to make traditions important in our lives and so am I. For all birthdays we go to my fathers house to have pizza and cake of our choice. Thanksgiving is always at my home and so is Christmas Eve. Every year my sisters and I also do a ornament decorating party the Sunday before Christmas and we have been doing this for 8 years. It is something we prepare for months ahead and my children enjoy the anticipation. I would love to bring Summer Sunday dinners but it is harder to get everyone together during the warmer weather.

Anonymous said...

When we moved into this house it is actually only about 3 blocks from where my Grandparents house was. I moved here with all the hope & expectations of the community life that my Grandparents enjoyed but I have been sorely disappointed.
Our neighbors are not nice.... some are even mean & nasty & vile.
What happened to people treating neighbors nice??
It actually makes me want to cry when I think about it..... What has happened to people?????