Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Once again we have returned home our stay with Tom's son and family in Brownsburg near Indy...As we journey toward Todd's home ... We pass a section that is definitely for the for the rich and elite... The homes are beyond what any one family could ever use or need. Easily could house 5 families... it makes me shake my head that a person could think they require this... Many, many, lovely homes on the way and Todd himself lives in a very nice development with homes 275,000 to 500,000... The days we were there I didn't spend out of doors... The Temps were close to 100 degrees... The swims taken were at night about 10:00 and the pool water was 94 degrees even though it was evening hours... You felt you were swimming in your bath.... Not a chill felt..
This morning so far has been spent trying to catch up... Sweeping decks and porches and watering flowers and laundry.. This afternoon I will travel to Defiance to purchase groceries and get the house up and running again... On our way home from Indy we got into a travel jam created by a crash.. It took a couple hours to clean up and " oh no" but " oh yes" the Indianapolis Colts football game had just left out so most of the passengers were all supporting their Colts jerseys in the cars surrounding us... Todd and Jens home is much larger than ours but I am glad to be back to my little "playhouse" compared to many we viewed this weekend.. A simpler life has returned. Back to the down to earth warm charm. Back to improvisation... farm wives tend to be more thrifty... We love handmade and home-made... and not such outlandish ways... Hand-made and home-made happens often at my little house in the country..
Just stopping in on a small break to let you know all is well and I am home... Blessings sent your way... Back to catch up...


Anonymous said...

I used to dream of the life of the Rich & Famous..... Now I dream of no debt & contentment!!
Isn't it amazing how we grow?? LOL!!
Have a Great Week!

Sandi said...

Marietta I am with you. No fancy houses for me. Just give me my old,tattered,needs help country home and I am content!!
PS So glad you make it home safely!
I have been outside weeding for the past four hours! Glad it is done. :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

I would be shaking my head too. I don't understand why folks think they need bigger and better. Give me the simple life, a small home to call my own, the gread outdoors to wander and I'm a happy camper.

If greater respect were given to all types of employment, rather than emphasizing some over others, then there would be more equality and we wouldn't have so many without work or shelter or food.

Home is where the heart is ... there's no place like home.

Best wishes, Tammy

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

You have a beautiful blog!