Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Nest Maker

Being a retired homemaker... on a shoe string budget still doesn't lesson my passion or desire for a cozy, sweet, home... as of the last few years, soft pink roses and written and aged pages seem to bring me inspiration... French linens and sacks seem to be appealing to my eye and melting my heart as much as my love for lovely old purses.. Now that the daffodils seem to have passed on for a number of months and the summer flowers are passing their prime my thoughts are heading toward the cooler months to come... I know I am a real nest maker compared to many of my friends.. I love making things look cozy and a very homey person at heart.. Thoughts are heading toward heavier fabrics in caramel hues... the thoughts of picnics are fading... toasting marshmallows over a open fire start to appear in my thoughts... Storing some summer objects to be replaced with other personal touches are in my mind... Always changes with what you love and love what you use... with a formula like this in mind your home will welcome all. Treasured dishes and jars become a must to fill with buttons, vintage jewelry, old photos, all adding interest and depth... Always keeping in mind a calming atmosphere for creating a peaceful setting..
Collections of loved items... one of my passion is old purses as I have posted before...While searching I found some photos { the last three} of some lovely purses there.. I will be looking for some fancy hanging treatment as seen in the picture with the three purses as I think the hanging is striking... I believe these purses to be around 1912 through the 1920's or so... Seems through the years these lovely accessories have become indispensable with the fashion just becoming so very casual... I love the clasps and frames of the purses... I enjoy displaying the collections I have all over my walls... As I posted I am always on a budget and usually allow the purchase of maybe one purse a year or so... To me this is a love and a perfect addition to my nest making.....


T's Daily Treasures said...

I've always wanted to change things up with the season, but that takes organization and I am such a procrastinator. If I could just get my act together, I could do it. My problem is, I like so many different colors and styles, I just don't know which direction to go. My walls are filled with treasures from our travels and photos, etc. Everyone says it is like a museum and I should charge people to come in. HA! I have a collection of bags and purses from different countries -- they are scattered about, in every room.

Hope you are having a great weekend. :) Tammy

Anonymous said...

You know I think being on a budget enables us to be more creative and original in our decorating! I love those purses!!