Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Will Be Ending Soon

Although the heat is rising today I am realizing summer will be ending in a couple weeks and the fall season will be upon us... I am looking forward to this as I have not enjoyed the heat this summer season.... As I work through my chores this morning... I find myself not in high gear in fact I think any high gear I ever had has not been stripped.... This weekend is our Church Festival ... I will be working it from 9:00 till 2:00 and will have a few hours to enjoy with others I may not see for a year... This is community that I love so very much... This church festival is very old and has remained very strong through the years....
We had some wind and rain the past two nights so I have been out of doors sweeping and picking up on porch and decks... The pool must be cleaned this afternoon also... I am hoping Tom will be home shortly for lunch from his golfing Seniors and can maybe accomplish this task before he returns in a few hours again to play his Thursday night league and return home about 8 p.m. Guess this is what retirement brings for some men... I know some of you ladies would not be able to handle this... It only bothers me once in awhile when I see things getting behind... then grrrrrr....
Well I must be off to mop the kitchen and dining area floor before he comes home for lunch....Right this very moment I am sure he is in a game of Keno.... They each put in 2.oo dollars and pick numbers and sit and cheer for their numbers... and of course have a beverage..... Hum.... I have a mop handle and he is playing Keno.... Guess you can see who's the smart one that lives here....
Wishes for a great day...
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Anonymous said...

After so many years of DH in a truck & over the road I would love to know he is only playing golf.
These roads terrify me & I find I lean on God more & more these days in prayer for his safety.
This post, as all of them are, was
I too am looking forward to some cooling down.

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, I love it!
Your blog is wonderful~
Thank you for sharing!