Thursday, August 26, 2010


Some days life seems child-like seeming like we are on a teeter-totter... The sea saw of life... Aging and retirement brings many new thoughts entering your mind... Many friends and family have or are making many changes in their lives... Some giving up their homes of many years and moving to lakes... resort states or downsizing to condos.. Every once on a great while Tom and I will get caught up in this and question for brief moments if we should be doing something different in our life... After we discuss and give serious thought to this we find we are just pretty darn content right where we are... We enjoy our family ... our friends and are very proud to be a part of our neighbor hood and school system where we actively attend and support our children of friends and family ... Retirement is good most of the time and we really don't play the game of denying our age but I am rather determined to try to age gracefully... I also know the scars of life determine who we are and have become..
Aging gracefully is a matter of self-esteem... Our zest and sense of daily joy... Our life satisfaction... Many times I feel a sense of loss due to loosing "traditions" Our children seem to be letting go of many lovely things that we important to us through their want for more.. Maybe this is another thing that has occured with us.. We really don't feel the drive or sense of all the time wanting more.. As most ladies of my age appear with jet black hair, honey brown, or even blonde or other artificial colors, I am strutting around with my white head of hair that God gave me the right for... I happen to love the greying of hair and think of it as knowledge gained.... { besides artificial coloring of hair doesn't come close to fitting in my budget] Do you believe there is a secret to happiness? We certainly see in our everyday news that answer certainly doesn't like with money... Yesterday was the sad drama of Tiger and Ellin... and shocking comments of others... Money of definitely not the answer.. I think the answer is ever, so simple.... It is simple and maybe in others eyes somewhat corny, but I do believe the concrete foundation is.... COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS... We are excited when we get something new, but then something happens... it ages like us... I find several things most take for granted.... Most take our shelter.... breakfast, lunch, and dinner for granted... Most take their walk in wardrobes bulging with clothes for granted.. Cars, computers, appliances, TV, and carloads of conveniences are all taken for granted.. Seems counting our blessings in this day and age isn't as easy as it sounds with hundreds of ads conspiring to tell us what we have is not good enough... and that we deserve better and more... When will we come to the conclusion what we have is enough and finally enjoy and be happy with what we have and just plain choose to be happy...
You can smile, build friends, achieve more, win the lottery, do what you desire, but if you aren't aware how wonderful it truly is you are still striving for other things when the answer lies right in front of you... The secret is to " Count your blessings" and enjoy the teeter-totter ride of life......


Marilyn said...

The other day our daughter informed me that I had "squirmed" out of getting anything for Mother's Day & now my birthday is in October she wants me to find something for her to get me. I really don't want anything. So I looked in some catalogs & I thought & thought about it.... Then I said. Pitch in & help us buy a new back kitchen door.
She rolled her eyes......
I really don't want anything!!
Life....... LOL!!
Have a Great Day!

Sandi said...

SO so true Marietta! I remember going in stores years ago when I was much younger and wanting to buy everthing in sight. I walk in them now and right back out not wanting a thing. I think it is good to have contentment in life. It makes for much happiness. I know some people who live for money and the happiness they THINK it can bring. If they only could realize that usually great wealth just brings about stress and more problems. Being at peace with ones self and with God is all that matters in the end. We can't take it with us. Sure I like pretty things and will pick up an item every now and then, but I have so much already how can I not be content. I think age has a lot to do with that and maybe growing a little older and a little wiser.

victorian parlor II said...


I love this post!!! You are absolutely right! Your wisdom rings true and touches my heart. I could not agree with you more-we all need to be thankful and count our blessings!



Jen Kershner said...

Lovely thoughts. I think aging gracefully and appreciating should be a part of our lives much earlier than retirement. Thanks for sharing what was in your heart!