Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dreams Of Candelight and Warmth of Fireplaces

Another chilly November's day. A day to nestle under the roof this place we so lovingly call home. I arose early this morning to a home filled with coffee aroma and turned on the fireplace to remove the chill as I sipped my coffee before making ready to attend church services.. Thoughts fill my heart.. events, occasion's and celebrations will soon fill our calendars... Dreams of candlelight and warm hours by the fire start to fill my thoughts. We are to enter into a magical season if we allow ourselves to relax and enjoy the moments.. Just visiting blogs and viewing creations and decorating of one's homes shared by you creates bliss for me... Although vintage soul at heart I appreciate many different styles of decorating and creating. The holiday season does allow us to reflect on people we cherish and the joy of sharing.. This sharing may be as simple as offering a friend a home-made gingerbread cookie and the time of warm conversation.. These are all treasured moments no matter how large or small. Knowing these are rich traditions and enjoying then is the true blessing. Missing out and not creating these moments are of great loss to you and friends and family.. For those whom have worked all your life and pinched pennies and still sacrifice you know how important these opportunities become. Making the best out of small blessings your life is much richer...As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday please remember as we celebrate the freedom and abundance of blessings we have in our land.... all are wonderful no matter how small.

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