Sunday, November 21, 2010

Planning With Devotion

As we enter into our week of Thanksgiving I hope we all take some moments to reflect on the holiday and the message that comes with it... I will take the moments toady's and finalize my menu and my larger than normal grocery list... When I think on it too long, anxious moments may arise and I change my thought pattern. Sometimes in life it brings us to places where we need to stop, take a deep breath, and regather our strength to continue on... Taking moments to relax and absorb what the planning, cooking, and sharing really means helps us with our inspiration... and not to be so overwhelmed... As we ready to celebrate this Thanksgiving we need the warmth of the feeling of family and friends that will surround us... thus creating another memory that will remain dear to us... Gratitude becomes a necessary and crucial part of the event for the lasting mental wealth and happiness we all desire. I know I want to feel I am fulfilling my purpose as a partner, mother, and grandmother, but I also want to also enjoy the celebration... By thought patterns and planning this can be achieved... Make sure you sit and enjoy moments and laughter and tales as the family gathers this week... enjoying the lasting abundance and happiness created by this wonderful day of Thanksgiving... If you are running behind { you shouldn't be reading this post... Opps.. just kidding} take a few the time you need to get yourself organized... you will be thankful you did... Blessings...

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