Friday, November 12, 2010

Remembering To Offer Thanks

When you come for a visit at my blog site you usually get a big taste of home ... Musings..... and simple things...... Everyday should be a day of Thanksgiving but thank goodness we cannot have the feast everyday or we would be rolling instead of walking around... Remembering to offer Thanks on a daily basis keeps our thoughts fresh and positive and our wills for living strong... On days that all is not so perfect we should place the thanks on practice.... Soon our country side will fall asleep under the glistening blanket of snow making it ever so more time to enjoy one's home that offers us toasty and cozy... A timeless appeal of romantic with linens and unique objects... What creates a reasonable amount of happiness and joy in your life? I am finding great enjoyment right this very minute writing and sharing on my blog... The act of writing creates thoughts and feelings that I pass on to you... This thought pattern makes us to think more deeply about life and helps us gain strength in life's journey.. The peaceful presence of soft hues and layers spell warmth even when the fireplace isn't burning with the glow in our winter covered land... The burning of candles offers a special presence as the shimmering reminds is of elegance of old... Days when these were the main source of light through evening hours... As we pass through the coming days my hopes for all of you are to enjoy each and every day and do take the time to reflect and give thanks... Our fields are all harvested in our area and the families that till the soil have been blessed with a very good year.. Seems that thought and feeling really hasn't changed all that much since the day the pilgrims made a day of Thanksgiving.... the feeling in our hearts... a season for Thanksgiving....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Marietta,
Yes, we should be offering thanks everyday, not just on one day of the year. I do love Thanksgiving though, its such a nice low key holiday. The one the advertisers can't get to!
I love just having candles lit in the evenings!
Hope you have a wonderful day ~

Sandi said...

I am making a conscious effort to be more thankful and to actually express it to others. There can never be enough thankfulness and kindness shown.

Sandi said...

PS EVEN TO HUBBY!! SO thankful for the things he can do around the house! :)