Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scatter Joy

Arising to a very chilly, brisk, morning makes me realize the holidays are really coming upon us. I continue to decorate at what seems to be a slow pace due to many happenings taking me from my goal. I just finished the wreath for my front door outside.. I have a couple objects to move about in my living room and soon will call it completed..
I purchased a Christmas issue of Romantic Homes magazine and was once again rather disappointed in it...A Christmas issue should be packed from the first page to the last with inspiration and ideas but I didn't find this to be true... A issue of Victoria arrived and I haven't had a chance to flip through it yet but I hope I find it to be filled with eye candy... Through the days of preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas I want to be devoted to remembering to show and feel thanks for the many, many, wonderful happenings in my life and not to take the blessings without appreciation... Time for thinking of parts loved ones have played in my life that have gone on... For all the merriest of moments and traditions passed on to myself... With our economic difficulties continuing once again this year family and sharing will become the most important as it was meant to be... I need to know each day is a gift and I shall treat it as such... If we can all take this attitude we can scatter joy like the winter will bring our snowfall... Why not join in and see where the journey takes us.....

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Ira said...

I'm sure that you have inspiration enough of your own Marietta to have a wonderful Christmas time! You don't need magazines :-) Have a wonderful day, Ira