Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Story Using Cookie Cutters


As you gather and make cookies this year, it would be fun sharing reflecting on the shapes meaning to Christmas with your children and grandchildren..

1. Tree cookie cutter.. cut out and decorate..everybody likes presents and it is fun to give them. Who gave the first Christmas present? Sharing the story of the wise men and their gifts and how one night a new star was seen in the sky. all bright and shining and bigger than all the rest...
2. Star cookie cutter... the new star meant something special had happened, the birth of a new King. They followed the star to bring their presents. Share the three gifts.. frankincense{ potpourri}, gold, and myrrh {spicy perfume}. While these wise men were traveling to far a way, Judah Shepard's were on a hillside watching their sheep.
3. Angel cookie cutter. Something wonderful happened while Shepard's were watching their sheep. A angel appeared and talked to them and more angels came and sang to them. The Shepard's couldn't believe their ears. They went to Bethlehem to see if it was true.
4. Heart cookie cutter.. The found babe wrapped in swaddling cloth and lying in a manger. Look at the cutter and yes they found LOVE. Jesus was God's loving Christmas present to the wise men, the Shepard's and to you and me. He gave his only son cause he loved us so much.
5. Dove cookie cutter.. stands for the peace and that is what the angels were singing about that night so very long ago. A dove also means that God is here with us and lives in our hearts.
6. Candle cookie cutter, They gave light. We need to be like candles shinning in the darkness, sharing the love and gift of Jesus.....

Talking of the meaning of the cutters with our family and friends makes the experience of sharing and baking more special... Maybe even bake a couple extra batches, place them in a container and gift them to a neighbor or friend in the act of sharing... After all this is the reason for the season....

We are experiencing our first snowfall here this morning... Large white flakes are softly making there way to the ground.... It is quite lovely, and a reminder the holiday season is right around the corner.... The ground is becoming white as it accepts the soft fakes as they fall...


Shopgirl said...

What a wonderful idea..I do cookies for our foodie tree and I never thouht about a story...
So how are you? I am really in a Christmas mood, it is snowing and we have almost a foot of snow.
I love your sweet!!!
Big hugs, Mary

Ann said...

What a great idea. You could really have so much fun with this. Thank you for sharing---your cookies look heavely.

Anonymous said...

I have started a collection of old cookie cutters ~ the Christmas ones with the red and green knobs are my favorites.
I love the idea of telling the stories behind the shapes of the cookie cutters.
Enjoy the snow!

victorian parlor II said...


What a beautiful idea! This would be such an amazing way to share the story of our Lord with children. I love your new banner too:). Wow-snow! It was sunny and cold here today (50's). Of course, it's supposed to get really, really cold tonight, somewhere in the 20's.

Blessings and thanks for your kind comments,

Kim (and Kramer)