Thursday, December 30, 2010

During This Time Period

During this time period of the New Years arrival we always think of a baby and the meaning of new life... Treasured handwritten notes of thank you and wishes for others of peace, health, and many blessings should be in our minds for the gifts we received... The teaching of one's children and grand children to display and learn proper etiquette should never be over looked.. Most of us treasure the sight of handwritten notes.... something to hold on to and knowing this person took special time to send this message to you.
As tomorrow evening will be ringing in a New Year, my wishes for a peaceful and blessed year to come, hope for old friendships and new ones that will be kindled... I personally do not make many resolutions as I have found in the past I don't follow through with many... I have promised myself to live a calm and relaxed life however. No drama, ... With those thoughts in mind I will leave you with a lovely saying as I am off to clean my house for guest tomorrow evening....

Winter, a lingering season is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey and enjoy every idle hour... John Boswell


Tracy said...

I'm with you regarding the NO DRAMA important in keping that sense of calm. I hope your home is getting cleaned to your satisfaction!
Happy New Year!

Sandi said...

Happy New Year to you Marietta!! Praying it will be your best year yet!!

jenny holiday said...

What a lovely post! :)

Wishing you a very happy,healthy, fabulous New Year!!

Thank you so much for popping by my blog , and for your sweet words!!

xoxo Jenny Holiday