Friday, December 3, 2010

Tinsel And Vintage Book Pages

Another myth I shared with you last year at Christmas was the Tinsel. I love this story so much I thought I would share it again with new friends that may not have read it last year or just remind you all of the story again... Tinsel on the Christmas tree is attributed to a widowed woman. She was left to bring up a large family of children all by herself and worked very hard to make a happy time for them at Christmas. She prepared a Christmas tree to surprise her children on Christmas day but unfortunately the spiders visited the tree and crawled from branch to branch weaving webs.. The child child saw the tree and knew she would be devastated to find this so he changed all the webs to shinning silver.. This is the reason we see so many tree decorated in silver tinsel as a family tradition....

In my inspiration and desires to spend NO MONEY this year on my Christmas decorating I have used many pages of my old books that I had ripped apart for altered art projects... The pages I have used in the above pictures are not real large pages.... Creates quite a bit of show for no cost... These pages could be created for many uses... Could be used as placemats or just visual interest under glasses on table or for Christmas parties, garlands on Christmas trees... I think the ideas are endless when we are inspired... Every vignette in my home seems to have a old book pages in it to marry my decorating together....

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sjmcdowell said...

I love the idea of using the old book pages....I have some Angel pictures that I may glue onto some of my vintage papers..maybe a little glitter....and some lovely ribbon!

Many thanks for your lovely post!
Lots of inspiration!

Love and Hugs,