Monday, January 3, 2011

Blissful Desires

Many thoughts are traveling in my mind as we enter the New Year as I am sure you are all experiencing also. Seems to be normal after the rather large build up for the holiday season... My desires are for all to be as sweet as hot chocolate, mini marshmallows and whipping cream falling over the edges of the cup.. Realistically I know this will not be the total outcome but why not spice up life and gently stir it with love every moment possible.. Further developing gratitude will make my life procedure more lovely and also benefit others as I hope it will be contagious.. In retirement maybe we can slip just a bit and not be conscious of all the simple pleasures that really surround us. I told Tom this morning as we were chatting over our coffee time, I have a resolution to make every day a positive outlook and enjoy minutes of a calmer life... Sometimes it takes discipline not to let ones self fall into a rut.. As I start the count down of another year I hope this one resolution to adopt a larger spirit of gratitude will make it easier to go through the days that are not going to be so pleasant... No matter how wonderful our attitude we all know we will have some of those days.
I placed one more box of Christmas in storage this morning. My home although really full of stuff does seem just a bit sparse. Sometimes I amaze myself how many objects we can actually squeeze into a space called a vignette... I seem to want to invite myself to expand the look of a more simple style... but after completing this I always seem to keep tucking objects of which seem to bring warmth and romantic glow to the room in my eyes and there I am surrounded with timeworn vintage objects once again. Blissfully I seem to desire dressing things up... Some serious cleaning needs to be accomplished this month as the winter winds and cold are here...If I can't control my desire to have all this stuff I must at least organize it... I need to infuse some winter glamour into areas that have been stripped of the magical holiday season... Although not many of us can not live the life we imagined as a child we can still enjoy our passions even if it be in small doses.. Doing this can be quite rewarding... I promise to be kind to my home as it in return wraps it arms around us and protects us from the undesirable elements and unwanted events in our everyday life... As I bid you a good day.. I am off to think of existing ways to add sweet sentiments to decorate for a day set aside for the ones we love...


Vintage Gal said...

What a lovely post ~ food for thought. I agree with you our "attitude" can get us through alot. With Love we can do anything.
I hope 2011 brings you joy, peace, love and satisfacton in feathering your nest

Tracy said...

Good for you Marietta, isn't it amazing what a positive attitude and kindness will do?
I try to live by that each and everyday!