Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Life More Enjoyable

Today may be a day to think of what will be coming in a few weeks as spring will once again make it's appearance. Struggling with the head cold that has me not feeling well seems to be making the cold of the earth more predominant... This week we have some forecast that may create some harsh weather. The word ICE in the forecast is always disturbing to me as it spells danger... This is when my thoughts need to come to a relaxing time, places to find inner peace and harmony... Thoughts of green grass and delightful sounds and sights of little water features brings a smile and content to me.... even though I realize it is a couple months away... Until then, I will have to seek out little passions to help fill the void... Seeking cozy details that accent my surroundings always brings me joy. Maybe I just need to leave the house one day this week and spend a couple hours in a favorite antique shop, hunting for small treasures to create altered art with... Just a small way of spending a afternoon.... making a ordinary day seem more special. I personally know it doesn't take that much to make a difference... It can be as simple as the addition of a pretty dish to eat a dessert from or a couple flowers buds to make a ordinary setting a special one.. We do need to celebrate every single day and not to let them slip away... Sometimes it is a good thing to imagine you are just a guest in your home... adding little extras to make your guest happy and aware and finding enjoyment in them ourselves. You'll experience how your guest would feel and you'll be sure to want to stay... Bouquets and touches of greenery, wonderful books for viewing and reading and pretty papers for writing down thoughts are all lovely extras for creating lovely relaxed spaces... Well I am off...... { to place the laundry from the washer to the dryer} Got Ya... you thought I was going to say to create some lovely spaces... That also... right after the laundry exchange... What can you do to add some extras for your self this week? Enjoy!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

My head cold lasted a good 10 days...I also had chest congestion and coughing. Now that I am feeling more energetic I did a deep cleaning in our bedroom today. It feels so good to do that! Thinking of doing some changes in there too. Already moved the bed around...thinking of new window treatments maybe. Becareful out there in the ice they say is expected....I would rather have snow! ~Hugs, Patti

victorian parlor II said...

I hope you are feeling better! I've been puttering around the house putting together winter white vignettes. It's been very cold and rainy here (we actually had ice last week). Needless to say redoing some of the vignette's in the house made me feel a bit rejeuventated:).



sandy said...

Reading your blog today brought a little bit of serenity to my day. Thanks for that! Now I think I'll go have a cup of tea and relax with a magazine.