Friday, January 28, 2011

Written Words

Written words are special on any day but on Valentine's Day they have a symbolic meaning, actually taking time to write something special to friends and loved ones. After all.. Love is what makes the world go round... The love for one's self and others.. " A Heart that loves is always young"... so I am creating valentines today for the special people in my life... Having fun and staying young.. Take time and write down some loving words you would like to say to the special ones in your life!


Tracy said...

What a special know I had a friend I taught with in Ohio die on Thursday and it was just a shock! A complete and utter shock and I had these thoughts exactly when all my friends were calling me with the news since I've moved to NC and it was great talking with all of them, but also reminded me that I shouldn't wait for bad news to speak to my friends.
Thanks so much for the reminder!

Brushed By An Angel said...

A beautiful card - I am a lover of words whether in cards, books, or simply the ones my hubby wrote, I still cherish them all.

Vintage Gal said...

Marietta ~ how true. I leave notes in my hubby's lunch all the time ~ just a little note to say I LOVE YOU ;-)

Ira said...

Such a sweet idea to make a Valentine's card for those you love, there can't be enough love in the world. Have an enjoyable weekend Marietta! Ira

victorian parlor II said...

Ok, I'll try this again. I was typing a comment and then it disappeared into cyberspace-poof! I really enjoyed this post as I still enjoy writing letters on pretty stationary and sending little messages in cards:). It really does men a lot to people!