Friday, February 4, 2011


Today many vivid memories of teachings to always stop and be grateful seems to fill my thoughts.. I find myself practicing to do this on a daily and sometimes hourly basis... In retirement this instilling is a true blessing to my everyday life. Fast forwarding to this day I am glad for all things old. In aging I so appreciate their endurance.. The love of special little treats, like the little custard cup of fruit jello piled with 3 inches of whipped cream I came walking with yesterday after lunch that brought a smile to Tom's face as he commented" That's almost as good as butter, huh?"{ Paula Deen and me are butter acholics} The appreciation of everyday simple offerings makes life so rewarding... Today I am so grateful I have a warm home as it is single digits here... Do we really appreciate how grateful we should be for that? It is about lunch time and after that I believe I will head to the rec room and work on some altered art... We have plans on attending a guys basketball game tonight and then tomorrow we have a gals make up game at noon and a guys basketball game at Archbold in the evening... Sunday is planned as a day of rest and I have been informed there is a gals Ohio State Basketball game and a guys Ohio State Basketball game both televised by Tom... A few hours will be spent in front of the flat screen and always a homemade dinner will be prepared... Hope your plans are fun filled and full of gratefulness. Enjoy!

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victorian parlor II said...

Sounds like much to be grateful for! I'm grateful for the yummy dinner we had tonight as well as having a warm house in which to sleep:). Of course, I am also grateful for all of my wonderful blogland friends like you:)!