Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Patience And Some Desire

There are still school delays and some closings but all is much calmer this morning with temp at 3 degrees, the sun is up on the snow covered fields...Today is cleaning day for me as Tom has already departed for Defiance for a morning of bowling with other buddies... As we are more confined to our homes my thoughts often drift to making small changes and adding new treats for the eye.. Right after Valentine's Day the rest of my winter accents and cloches filled with Valentines will be packed for another season... A touch of romance is always common for many of us women in our surroundings... The constraint of money makes this achievement somewhat more difficult for myself but also makes the creative side become more active. Always choices of soft taupe's in my desire as I am not much of a color person... In retirement I do have the peace and quiet at home that was desired for many years, and I enjoy it to the fullest... It is an adjustment you make when those dreams come true... My feet may travel to other places but my heart never really leaves home.. Still desiring a few more touches of French, but finding it difficult to achieve as many lovely objects I find are out of my price range I can spend... so I just "SIGH" and move on... I will find other ways of embellishing, if it need be with my own hands... vintage elements... broken jewelry or lovely existing objects used in a different manner. I will seek a way to grace the charm and beauty of the past days even without riches... With some patience, thought and desire I will add some flirty romance to my space.. Right now I best be thinking about cleaning that space... I'm off but before I do that I wish you all a day of bliss......even though we all have chores.... just enjoy life...


Tracy said...

I am so glad that things are settling down a bit up there in Ohio. My mom in Tiffin said they got more ice than anything but it is cold, cold,'ll can keept it; seriously and do NOT send it our way!
Enjoy your peace and quiet :)

Richard Cottrell said...

We are still digging out here in Clarksville,Mo. No business this week. A little on the Blog and Etsy. Thanks goodness. Richard at

Shabbygal said...

Hi, just discovered your lovely blog! Off to read more posts! Traci

Anonymous said...

Dear Marietta,
3 degrees are you serious? Ack, we complain when it's in the 20's.
Yes, I would be inside in that weather!
I am trying to be a good girl and stay off ebay and etsy, but sometimes I just like to look and get ideas. Try to find ways I can make something similar myself. Actually, I tend to get more satisfaction that way.
Sometimes the best things are free or someone elses cast off.
My husband gets a kick out of the things I drag off someone else's curb ~ hey but if it works!!
Have a wonderful day, I always look forward to seeing your beautiful, romantic touches ~