Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Waking up this morning to grey rainy day with even snow in the forecast for the next couple days takes my wishes for spring and places them on hold... After sipping my morning coffee ... I did tuck a few of my timeworn treasures into my largest glass cloche. I was able to tuck eye candy all the way around with a bit of squeezing... For the next couple days, I guess I will have to use my imagination of warm breezes flowing through open windows of my home.. Just find little ways to enjoy everyday life. I need to mix some chores in however as Tom invited two couple over for card playing... snacks and conversation... tomorrow evening.. hopefully creating happy memories. While Mother Nature continues not to be ready with the proper backdrop for spring I will find other ways to fill my day....


Kori said...

This is simply stunning honey. Hope you are having a good week. Kori xoxo


Suzann said...

I love how you put things together, the clothes are lovely!!!
I like your runner on your table did you make it?
Enjoy your day, here in Florida it is suppose to be 89 today, I am not looking forward to the hot summers :(
Suzann ~xoxo!

Marilyn said...

Good Morning....After a long non-blog rest I have decided to open up my blog again. I sure missed my friends.
We are gtting snow here tomorrow...ugh... But that is the way of the northeast!
Have a Great Day!

Lisa May said...

I love all things vintage:) I love how you captured the baby picture inside the glassware.
We are suppose to get more snow & freezing rain. I was hoping the signs of spring were here to stay.Hope you enjoy your day!
Lisa :)

Stephanie Ann said...

I love bell jars. They are just so old fashioned and lovely. If they didn't cost an arm and a leg, I would want a bunch to start plants in my garden.