Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pleasures and Embellishments

Due to many circumstances, I cannot be a avid shopper... attend shows and shops on a daily basis, therefore, I cannot show new objects purchased on a daily basis like many but I am quite ok with that.. It does make it somewhat more difficult to make posts of interest and beauty but my hopes are to be able to embellish your life in small ways. A little touch of beauty and a few words of inspiration can go along way if you open yourself to contentement and pleasures... Please don't take me wrong...I love things of beauty just as much as the next person but I seem much more content and happier since I have adjusted to having them in small doses.. My style may be somewhat quirky as I equally love elegance and chippy timeworn... they both whisper softly to me... The chippy timeworn, helps the elegant not to be too snobby... and the elegant helps the chippy timeworn to be more classy... I love to marry them together... They compliment each other to perfection. A bit like the old statement " opposites attract"....Just as we create... embellishments are finishing touches to our altered art journals and tags so in everyday life the little things we add makes simple everyday life extra special.. I can say quite honestly the little pleasures are the things we take for granted. Life accumulates moment by moment with the little events that surround us. There are many little pleasures when taking time to notice. Maybe a few kind words that someone says about you will make you feel warm and peaceful inside... Take time and pass kind words on about another person... That is a very rewarding experience also. As my thoughts travel across the waters to Japan .. my heart and thoughts full ... I find endless pleasures in my life today and intent to enjoy every one of them... Looking at the world events I find not a reason for contentment I am blessed with. Please take time and enjoy the satisfying effect of a little embellishment and pleasures in your life.. It is like taking the first sip of a beverage when you are thirsty....


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Marrietta,

Lovely post today, thank you!!

Taking time out to notice and appreciate the little things in life are really the most important
I think. All those little things in life are what go into the making of the big things in our lives...Whatever you think upon and dwell on expands!

Appreciative Hugs to You!


Ira said...

We don't need that much to be truly happy, it's the little things that have the biggest meanings in life. Hope you've had a wonderful start of the new week!

Andi's English Attic said...

I was able to eat my sandwich in the garden the other day. The air was cold and sharp but the sun was out and so were the primroses. It was a delight and, apart from the ingredients of the sandwich, free!

What a fabulous outfit in the photo. xx

LadyJane said...

Marietta...And peaceful heartfelt blogs like your and YOU are some of the most treasured things in life!