Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Your Personal Bliss

Another day of dreams of charming settings and simple adornments for encouraging personal living space and dreaming of warmer times and when living seems to become easier... basking in summer breezes and time outside. I am thinking of bringing out some linens to brighten and soften the look for summer. Remember Grandmothers linens? The lovely crochet edge hankies, and dresser scarfs and lovely table cloths and pillowcases... Maybe another creation of a picture frame encrusted with rhinestone jewelry.. Showing who I am completely becomes evident when you come for a visit... When you have something you love and you may have made a splurg.. it seems a bit more ok cause you are going to keep it for a long , long time... My dreams seem I am always true to myself. Being with me is not always so grandiose.. I am not a fancy dresser.. I adorn myself with jeans and bibs.. My home is my jewelry box, not myself.. I dress my home much better than myself... I never dress up when cleaning or doing outdoor work, most of the time appearing to have been through some diseaster, but this is the way I seem to be able to dig in... I wear my clothes till they rip beyong repair and grieve cause I lost a old friend when I have to discard them. BUT ... I am a romantic and believe in happy endings and creating bliss. Just in my own style... You'll see sparkles and vintage gems in my home and blue jeans on me... Pure Bliss.....


Anonymous said...

My Bliss is my home..... I love to putter in it & clean & rearrange.
Have a Wonderful Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marietta,
I hope your weather is turning a bit more Spring like.
I seem to go through phases with my clothes. I love to wear skirts, but lately for whatever reason I find myself back in jeans or capri pants. I suppose I'm focusing more on my inner self than the outer ~
I love how you decorate your home, especially with the bits of vintage jewelry!
Hope your day is a lovely one ~

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

You seem to be comfortable with yourself and that is your bliss...I envy that about you. I am so tired of the cold weather...we got a little tease recently but it sure doesn't stay aroung long. I bundle up and walk around my yard and wish that I felt like doing some cleanup in such chilly weather, but I don't. I need warmer temps! Have a great day!~Hugs, Patti

Ira said...

It doesn't matter what we wear, it only matters how we are and act, right? Besides, jeans can be very fancy to wear, LOL! I must confess that my style of clothing is quite romantic, I LOVE ruffled blouses and fringes, laced scarfs (lucky me, this season they're all the rage!). Your home is a cozy place to stay, and that's how it should remain!