Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home and Your Easter Bonnet

The lovely picture of the nests in glass cloches can be found on ..... Rain as I peer through my window this morning as promised on the weather report... Guess it will be another day for making tidy and arranging a nest we can feel warmth when coming home... Yesterday after Tom and I went to town for groceries... I noticed the prices for the most part had really starting soaring as I had hear on the news last week that beef prices would raise 15 percent and most groceries 10 percent... I will be becoming a better shopper.... As we we in the check out line the cashier said to me... hope you filled up your gas tank as the prices just went up... I looked at Tom and I just said..." Let's go home " before we spend anymore. Seems that home is foremost in my thoughts anymore... I do feel very fortunate that my personal desires are felt most when I am at home... This is truly about tending to the most important parts of my life here. My home is my safety, and my retreat even when I am hard at work here. As the world spins sometimes out of control, I feel safe and peaceful { especially if I keep the news off} in my modest surrounding... Even though I am home every day in retirement, I can still very honestly say my favorite days are spent right here... Our home as I stated before is very modest... but I think it has personality.. and I have hopes that in it's modesty it opens and has a sense of welcome if you come to visit as it does when I am at home... Even on the tight budget... I try not to let my creativity hold me back... I keep ideas on my computer and magazine pages always near by for help in inspiration... Certain textures seem to marry well in my eyes, even though they seem like unlikely partners... they do not seem to argue... I love the texture of old grain sack and the lettering of old and the very finest of lace together... A very unlikely marriage with a great appeal... personal touches always seem to share what one reads and what one collects.. Aromas often temps ones sense as to what they enjoy eating when dining... Tom always loves it when he comes home from golfing and I have baked goods or a dinner simmering on the stove top or in the oven... He knows instantly he is in for a treat for the evening. in warm surroundings... All these everyday happenings manage to make a homey atmosphere... I am off to tidy up and keep things in order as I realize cleanliness does create hominess. This afternoon I plan on retiring to the rec room where my altered art table awaits me... I have a card to make for a grandsons upcoming birthday and maybe a couple tags for Easter decorating... Blessed be the spot where I can be messy !

The other afternoon while in the rec room ... I was experimenting with the toilet paper rolls as holders for Easter eggs... I printed and cut out the lovely ladies in bonnets ... Still covering the paper roll with ages pages I glued the ladies cut out embellished with a rhinestone vintage earring on the roll... The roll can be filled with old book page paper shred or would make clever napkin rings... These would be also sweet favors or ring for a little tea or having a friend over for lunch.... A nut cup could be place for candy or nuts where I tucked in the egg.


Sandi said...

Love that photo of cloches. I will have to hop over to that blog and check it out. Love your creativity also!
PS yesterday in Ypsilanti I saw gas for 3.99 a gallon! UGH!

Shopgirl said...

These are wonderful egg holders, you do such fun things. I am making tags, I might use your ladies in hats for a that okay??? Hugs, Mary

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

thank you for using my photo and giving the proper credit---by doing so--you invited me to your blog and I truly love your writing style. I too appreciate home and it is where I'm most inspired. Nice to meet you--I love old vintage treasures too.
Warmest wishes, flowergardengirl