Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspiration From Yesterday's Post

As a follow up to yesterdays post, I thought I would share with you my very simple table I was able to create with what I had in stash already... It only took me a little over a half hour to complete... I took old very old song book that already had been stripped of it's cover and used for another altered art project and many pages gone... but it worked to simply tie some vintage cord around the pages and secure a small cross.... Old book page shred I cut filled the bottom of the Victorian stemmed and lidded dish... I received a lovely little hand created card for Christmas from Sandi http://waysidetreasures-sandi.blogspot.com/ and tucked it also in front of the songbook pages... Some vintage stained lace and some hand- blown eggs in their natural color that I blew out a couple years ago were also tucked into the lovely dish... { this dish is very special to me as Tom purchased it for me at a antique shop a couple years ago ... I would have never been able to get it as it was a high ticket item... so I love it...}The eggs were used as I love the idea that the eggs are a religious symbol of rebirth... I shared with you a couple post ago about the idea to use a toilet paper roll for making some egg stands... I cut a roll into thirds and covered them with old aged book pages.. I wrapped more of the vintage cord around the cardboard covered roll and tied on small religious metals as you can see in the pic... Old book pages shred was placed in the stand and a egg tucked in... and place atop a glass plate... I think this is about as sweet as it comes with no cost.... I made a cinnamon grungy tag with PAQUES BENIE { A Blessed Easter} hand written and tied along with a larger religious metal.... The table cloth is a simple 5'x5' painters drop cloth that I purchased at Menard's for under 5.00. I have washed the drop cloth several times and placed it in the dryer even though it has a plastic backing and it comes out fine... As a runner atop I have a piece of salvaged grain sack.... I have a vintage sugar shaker I purchased Saturday at a antique store that I want to clean and place on my table along with adding some silverware beside the glass dessert plate to marry with the silver items I have in the room in a vignette on my antique pie safe... Will share the shaker in another post... I have also included a couple religious graphics if you would like to use them on a tag or creating.... They may give you some inspiration..... Blessings..


Ira said...

Your table is completely in balance Marietta, love those blueish eggs, they seem just the right colour. It must have given you much pleasure decorating again ;-) It shows! Have a lovely day.

EVA AGNES said...

The Easter inspired pictures you show today are so beautiful and lovely-
I feel very nostalgic when I lokk at them.
Maybe because Esater is my favorite season.
Love Eva Agnes

Shopgirl said...

I love what you have done with the table setting. I have to get with it, I haven't done anything for Easter yet...I do love Easter and you gave me some thoughts...Hugs, mary

Barbara Jean said...

I love your little book/card/lace vignette! Sweet idea.

Mind if I borrow it for a little sweetness in my shop??
Are the pictures you posted of May and baby for us to use??
full of ? aren't I?
off to catch up on more of your blog.

barbara jean

PS love the first pots too!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Marietta...I always LOVE seeing your gorgeous vignettes...the colors of those eggs takes my breath away and they look so beautiful with the aged creams and browns ~ and I love that they represent new birth as well!!! It's all so beautiful, I'll have to go back and see it all again, hugs and love, Dawn