Monday, May 16, 2011

Dreaming of Sheds

Years ago I always considered a shed a man thing, but now, I have changed my thinking over the years... I was looking at sites for inspiration and dreaming and I came across a slide show gallery of garden sheds... I feel in love totally with several of them... They were found on Woman have also come to have a special passion for sheds and are putting our own stamp on them... They provide work spaces for studios and gardening and relaxing in garden spaces as lovely back drops... My favorites do have a cottage charm to them and yes, garden window boxes and lace and grain sack curtains would be my choice... The one pic looked to be a old out house that the doors have been omitted or timeworn and gone has been placed over a walkway to the garden path... How clever is that? It would be a great use for a salvage small building... The one that is my very favorite is the very first picture... White chippy with the red roof and the Gothic windows to add to the charm and appeal.... Isn't it just a dream { for me anyway} The land scape was lovely also with the boxwood hedge and lovely little garden space... and of course the little picket fence... Oh my, it just makes my heart melt.. Which shed is your favorite?

We had a very cold and rainy and windy weekend... I am afraid damage has been done to some fields that farmers thought they were lucky enough to get planted.... Several inches of rain has been experienced over the weekend and our temps are in the 40"s.... This is not a good thing .... My chores that were completed this past week and my aching back will have to start over again with the process. Thank goodness all the embellishments added to the outdoor spaces are wired or tied down as I have told you in other posts... I just can't do some decorating outside like some dwelling in town can.. The elements destroy...It is a part of country living.... Hoping you all had a pleasant weekend and I will be indoors completing everyday chores today with hopes of maybe the sunshine in the forecast by Thursday... We are in for a cold and windy and wet couple more days.... sending out blessings to all....


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Absolutely the CUTEST thing I have seen in years... out in the garden.
I too had a passion for a (Victorian ) "Shed "....only mine looked more like a playhouse for my Photography was just darling as well.
I will have to find some images of it to post.
Such nice, sweet memories, I could see it from my kitchen window, enjoyed it for years.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

P.S. My playhouse/shed looked a lot like the top image here.

BTW...I LOVE your blog background...where did you get it... please may I ask ?

Barbara Jean said...

From cute, to funny, to amazing!
sweet post girl

barbara jean

Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your own personal escape right outside your door! I, too, dream of someday owning one of these sheds for a studio. Love the first 3 pics!

It has been a strange year for weather! Hoping things return to normal soon!

Lady Farmer said...

Aren't they all just simply charming? I had seen the first one in a magazine some time ago, and have been wishing I could find some of those old church windows to create my own garden shed! Dressing up my chicken house will have to do for now! The girls just love whatever I do!

Shopgirl said...

You had a sheding good time..TEE-HEE. They are all adorable, I want one!!! Thank you for making me smile!!! Hugs, mary