Monday, July 25, 2011

Double Dipping

Another blazing hot weekend ... more days of double dipping.... I was in the pool 3 times yesterday and took 3 baths in oils... I think I have found a good excuse for my wrinkles... I have not been able to do all the chores I would like but have just told myself they would all be waiting when the weather cools down of which will not be again this week....Rain was all around us yesterday but we received not a drop.... My son and my granddaughter spent the afternoon with us and the pool was loved by Olivia.... Later after dark it was also enjoyed by Tom's daughter Trish and her son Lance... I think they are getting into the after dark swims... We are still awaiting the arrival of the work crew to tear out our old pool and dig and replace it with a new one... The new one will be wonderful to swim in as it will have lights under the water.... Makes the swim extra special... I have shared some lovely bath areas with you today... I have a nice bath area but can dream of lovely spaces such as this to double dip in.... I just got out from a morning dip... It is off to town for groceries in a bit when Tom arrives home from golfing.... I have a feeling I will be dipping on and off all day........


victorian parlor II said...

Oh those bathroom pics are lovely! It has been extremely hot here too so I have spent most of the summer inside sewing:).



Sandi said...

I love the photo of the tub with the fabric drape over it. If only...ha!! Stay cool Marietta!!

Ira said...

The things and picture you always seem to find Marietta! You never cease to amaze me, they're gorgeous! Wish I could actually share some of our rains with you (although my guess is that you would rather have that new pool installed ;-) Sounds like fun, lights under water? Enjoy!!

Shopgirl said...

We were 95 today, but there is a cool front blowing in as I write you.
The photos are so fun. I have a clawfoot bath tub waiting for some love and then it will be in our bathroom. I really like the first photo the best.
Stay cool, Your Mary