Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Entre Amis { Among Friends}

It is forecast to warm a bit today with rains setting in this afternoon... Seems I haven't entertained a couple friends for quite awhile with the use of simple but elegant pieces to create ambiance with aged lovely china, candles, and fresh crisp linens for quite awhile.. I am almost needing to treat myself as well to this bit of bliss. Haven't purchased a object for my home for a number of months and being indoors seems to be dampening my spirit some... Although I love being at home I think I am feeling the need for just something different and fresh... Ready for the hints of romance to be in the air with the planting of flowers and herbs as the scents wafts through the air... A potpourri of old aged objects tucked between the lovely colors and foliage's and ground covers... Although my needs are quite simple every so often my thoughts of inspiration become quite extravagant.. My back yard outdoor space when completed for summer use does offer a wonderful " get away from it all" leisurely place to be... A couple more weeks of patience will be required to obtain this however.... Life can be a bit like a simple piece of french toast... it needs the dash of spices and the pouring of syrup for enhancement to enjoy it at it's finest... For myself the ambiance can be minimal yet elegant with the simple use of water... and tucks of vintage luxe..
    A recent bit of mystique of French has been in my desires as of late.. Little ways and tucks to experience a touch of the French flair.. I have never been to Paris nor do I plan to go but it has always been heard of and all it's praises since childhood... Thoughts of moments of Entre Amis { among friends} are increasing as the time of year will soon be here soon to enjoy these moments...


Ruth Kelly said...

It is so sad that the younger generation does not seem to enjoy the simple pleasures of china and linens and making things just right. They run around in their PJs no less.

Did you know that all commentors have to fill in the double blurry proof words?

Nadja said...

Hi Marietta!

I loved your blog! Very beautiful and touching!

I am brazilian and I have a space dedicated to recycling of wooden objects. I love antiques too!