Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beautiful Antique French Gift Wrap

My blogger friend Sandi had posted a picture if this lovely wrap on her Facebook and I instantly fell in love and splurged big time and ordered a roll to use for my main Christmas decorating and tree ornaments... I change every year by creating ... now I am thinking of ways to use this wrap... coming to mind of course is packages... cones.... and possible envelopes filled with vintage images of altered art... Should receive the roll in the next couple days and hopefully it will get some creative desires going as I haven't been able to complete anything since surgery... Desires to clean house are there but my mind has different ideas than my body so I am still in prayer and wishes for strength to come soon... Any suggestions you may have for ways to use this lovely paper would be greatly appreciated....

     I LOOK TO GOD FOR...   Sometimes when heartache and sorrows come my way, And I feel like I have no strength to live another day...
I look to God for guidance.. To help me through it all... To pick me up off the ground And stand me straight and tall.. I look to God for patience.. To help give things time; To somehow show me the answers ..That alone I could not find...   I look to God for reassurance ..To let me know it's okay; And to give me the strength I need to live another day...   Julie Hess


Sandi said...

You won't regret it Marietta! It is gorgeous! By the time I decided to order a roll she was sold out, but that is okay. Man that stuff sells fast. Maybe next time around.
I do pray that you are getting better each and every day. Take care of YOU!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

i Just seen that paper for the first time in a victorian magazine I get, I would like to line an old dish cabinet with it it may not show up very good but would off set my blue & white dishes

I have been under the westher with back problems and just getting back to looking at some blogs

hope the puppy is doing good with his newspapers