Friday, November 16, 2012

Peace and Goodwill
Peace and goodwill in each loving home. Beauty and magic so surely your own. Sweet Christmas angels-moments of Love, part of the wonder God sends from above...  Garnett Ann Schultz
     In everyday living and especially at the holiday season I have a sparkle obsession.. I love the glimmer and shimmer and command embellishment that has this on display.. Seems I always have glitter or mica hanging on me during this time as I work with it in decorating... My puppy even has some yesterday... I think he had his nose in the Christmas village.... I sprinkle this in most all my vignettes and have generous amount for cleanup after the first of the year... Love visiting shoppes and homes during this season of special decorating and preparation... I will also be visiting my favorite blogs as they share their mantels and doors draped in the finest greenery and offer spiced beverages to toast the season..
    Baking even seems to prove to be more pleasurable when enveloped with burning candles of lovely scents and soft music to the ear in the background playing our favorite holiday words...
      Every November awakens me to decorate and baking and desires to enjoy the special moments.
    Unless you allow yourself this time of pleasure you tend to become overwhelmed and is the gifts that the season can bring...The day of Thanksgiving is drawing very near... Take time.. make your list... and shop early so you may enjoy some sit down time as you prepare nourishment for yourself and your loved ones...

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Anonymous said...

Your mom would be so proud. i love your design and the way you write. What a girl!!!!