Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vintage Charm

Decorating at my home is in full swing for the coming holidays and close to being completed this week..for this year... It has been a use of shabby french and vintage charm, in shades of white, cremes, and pinks.. Holidays for me are very charming without being traditional although I appreciate traditional as well but my favorite is the unexpected with the designer back  ground...
    You certainly do not need to over spend when you choose to use your imagination and your home can become a winter wonderland with handmade and unusual wares.. making it magical..
   I love the look used the last couple years with the used of bottle brush trees ect.. mixing the new and old with them.. Always use of jars and glass cloches to showcase smaller treasures makes a statement. The time worn appeal makes objects seem to be loved more and makes it seem they are more traveled through the years... As you find inspiration from different stores make sure you put your own stamp on them..
    The most important for you to do is to  focus on things that you love and not to follow trends necessary to find your contentment and surroundings to be the most charming in your eyes.

Picture above is from http://www.hometraditions.com/bottle-brush-trees.shtml   trees are available there..

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Ira Huberts said...

It IS nice, isn't it, to adorn your house around this time of the year? Can't wait to get started myself, too, have got quite a few ideas, only thing I could use now is some time, but I will most certainly make time when it comes to that. Hope you're doing fine Marietta, take care, Ira x