Monday, May 19, 2008


When it comes to gifts... why not make them so very special??? Not one thing in my eyes is any more special than a person giving of himself , especially if a dear frind is far away. Although we always seem short of time and some feel they are short of talent, you can still offer a warm, loving personal touch. Personalize a small gift with a vintage piece to accompany it. A gift can be small in size but means so much when it coms from the heart.
A gift as simple as a tin of tea can be magical by adding a flea market antique silver spoon or silver sugar tongs....tied with a lovely ribbon and maybe a scented bud.
A baked item straight from our kitchen ... or a great bakery... accompanied with a vintage silver server or a lovely vintage tea cup would be a welcome gift..... A step further ... you could serve the baked good with the lovely teacup and send the left over and the vintage teacup home with the person you are hosting. You have covered all that is needed to make the day special and managing your time.
A gift with a monogram.. such as a vintage hankie ...makes it seem so special.... Purchase a gift if time doesn't allow for handmade and tie the hankie on....
Have a old photo of a old friend... a old memory... copy the image and add it as a tag to make a small offering quaint.
Loving thoughts in small gift giving can INSPIRE.. It is the pleasure of giving of yourself that gives personal satisfaction to you and the person receiving.... HOW DEVINE.....

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