Thursday, May 15, 2008


OLD BOOKS... what can I say besides I am intrigued by them... Enjoy old hardbounds with their aged pages of stories of wonderful illustrations... I use them around my home in many different ways... My favorite use for them is using for elevation of objects to make fit into vignettes. Altered art with some that the bindings have lost the test of time... I also have added old pearls and brooches to them for a touch of glam..... I usually hunt for books at a bargin price unless it is a book with a lovely vintage woman or pink roses on cover for display. The have wonderful color and age that adds the texture and weight that is so important in design.. ...BOOKS... a lovely way to add vintage and antique appeal to your home at flea market prices... HOW DEVINE...... can you tell I watch Candace on HGTV}


The Feathered Nest said...

I LOVE Candace Olsen!!! To me, she's got the most class on HGTV, even if some of her rooms have a little bit of a mod edge. I love old books too Marietta ~ I have them everywhere in our home. They look so pretty in yours ~ I even love the water stained ones, with pages falling out kind that I can give new life to in my artwork! Hope you're having a wonderful day, xxoo, Dawn

Myrna said...

I love old books too, Marietta, they add such charm to a room. I use them everywhere, too. That was a good idea, to post pictures of how you used books in your rooms...okay with you if I do that,too?