Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Tip For Everyone

As you enter up to your home..... there is a little welcoming message for everyone.... I believe it is vital to remember your home should not be just welcoming to visitors but especially for yourself. If you and your family usually enter by a differnt door than guests do... we should try to make that entrance beautiful too. Don't underestimate the power of little touches that make the family feel at home also..... Also don't forget the BEST possible way to greet your family is with open arms and a smile on your face..... This makes our day instantly better ..... open arms and a smile for a "welcome" I am really glad your here........ {even if we aren't having the best of day... it will also make you feel better.} Personal gestures of kindness usually creates kindness... and thoughtfulness......


Jacque said...

Nice thoughts, my little front porch has always been my favorite part of my house, it is the first place I decorate for any season. Not only do we enjoy it but over the years many neighbors have commented on how much they enjoy it too. Glad you seem to be feeling much better. Take care Jacque

Barb said...

Oh Marietta,
I just saw that you sell on Ebay, so if you do not want me to share your lovely things in my little gift shop I understand.
Thank you for your consideration of it.

Barbara Jean