Monday, January 26, 2009

New Changes

To keep up with the times we just made a change in in our kitchen and updated our TV. We put a 19" plasma in my TV hutch for the kitchen instead of adding the box... Tom likes to sit at the island bar in the kitchen and eat and watch TV and sometimes when I am cooking I enjoy watching it also. We were really encouraged when Walmart had 3 they were going to place on sale Sunday Morning for under 200.00 Tom was up and ran in at 6:30 in the morning while I was slepping and brought it home.... I just programmed the channels and it is good to go. We are all set with a large plasma in the rec room downstairs and I have a nice flat screen in my living area... so I think we are up with the times but I understand the HD may have a chance of being backed up a few months but that is ok.... There are many Americans that will be without TV if the change over is made and the economy so bad they can't afford the changes.... I feel fortunate we have all the luxury we need and want.... The older Americans seem somewhat confused by the whole thing and I had to think about it for awhile myself ... I have talked to a few that said their boxes wasn't working very well so Tom and I just decided to do the new TV and bypass the grief.... I can't imagine where all those poor old TVs are going to go.... .


Sandi said...

Nice tv...we still have the old ones with two converter boxes which I don't mind...until the shows I watch start flaking in and out. LOL As a rule, I am not one who likes change, but I suppose it can be a good thing sometimes.

Farm Field Primitives said...

Hi, Micky. I do have a link to ebay however it does not have the ebay logo and it was at the bottom of the page. I have been trying to add the ebay gadget but to no avail. I moved my link to the top of the page. Maybe it will be more noticeable there. Hope to see you Sat if everyone is healthy!!

kathy said...

Yes -out with the old in with the new -- Funny people are surprised if I mention my blog -- at 61 - I am not -"old " by my standards - lol --
WE have lots of gadgets - so batteries , upgrades - texting - digital cameras - My next frontier - Photoshop whoo -lots to learn . Blessings Kathy - ga