Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh No ... I'm Keeping Them

Hello... Rain and rather gloomy here today.... I am cleaning and sorting this morning... Taking a break while my kitchen floor is drying after mopping.. I was going to part with this vignette and price it but when I pulled it to clean and make ready for pricing I changed my mind... I love the vintage horsehair hat and the gloves .... hat box and the opera glasses and old tin so back it goes.... I did manage to take out objects stored in hat box and take down a vintage Whiting and Davis Purse to price from that area however..... I am managing to price many items..... Oh my... this is quite a task and I am really tired at night but it is a good tired as I am loving the nice clean organized areas as I am getting them done.... Now if I could just get Tom to organize and part with anything it would really be wonderful.....


Anonymous said...

This is such a pretty vignette. I love that hat. Vintage hats are getting very pricey these days. At least the ones I have come across in some antique stores.
Don't tire yourself out too much doing all that cleaning.

Tami said...

Gorgeous items I wouldn't want to get rid of them either! :o)

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Sandi said...

{I am trying this comment for the third time and hope it works}

Hi Marietta,
I can see why you had second thoughts and decided to keep your goodies. They are beautiful!!

I have been busy playing in glue today and entertaining my 3 year old granddaughter. She ate *mac a noni* for lunch and we watched some TV together...of course I took pictures of her. A fun day!

Pieced Pastimes said...

I don't blame you for keeping them. They are lovely. I especially like the horsehair hat - it looks like it's in perfect condition. TFS.

Anonymous said...

precious the setting....ultra romantic!

keep it all love!!!
happy night!
ciao bella

Verbena nested treasures/ Laura said...

what a lovely blog. God bless all your organizing & cleaning.. send some energy my way. xo Laura