Saturday, March 13, 2010


With the arrival of my garden book from Tracey and the charming pages I have started to dream once again of my outdoor spaces... In all warm areas year long... you are fortunate you can create many more intimate spaces... Living in the country in wide open area almost everything has to be secured down somehow.... I may have told this story before but it is worthy of noting again... Example of being tied down...I think it was about 3 1/2 or 4 years ago I was driving home from work and as I got closer to my home... my eyes kept looking at the top of my house... on the peak of my roof.... I kept looking and wondering what was on the top roof of my house.... as I pulled in my driveway I couldn't believe my eyes and broke out instantly in laughter... It was my 8 foot dining umbrella off my table on my one deck... Did ya all know umbrellas can really fly? My son, Chad came over and climbed to the tip of the roof where it rested and brought it down to safety. I was hoping to acquire a few items of someones trash to place in my yard this year but.... oh my gosh..... I happened to think of a mirror I created and loved and wondered what I had done with it as I packed it away when fall came.... The mirror was inspiration from a book and is a antique stand up I placed a glass etched frame onto with vintage rhinestone earrings as embellishment... When hunting for where I had stashed it I found several boxes filled with objects... many filled with pink rose china.... I have shown a photo of a couple items stashed in this one box of which there are about 25 more objects just in this one box... I really get upset with myself when I have so many objects that I paid my hard earned money for and I have them in a box... I have so many places just shoved full of stuff... I have to get through this house and part with what I don't want to use.... but need to take some of my items to my outdoor space instead of purchasing anything else... A garage sale or something has to happen here... I am going to go into Defiance today for a treat of the hunt and just to look at a special antique show they are holding at the UAW. Hall... Right this very moment I am thinking to myself" what are you thinking?" but I really could use some time doing what I love... just using good judgement.... I am going to put that " Thinking Cap" on for sure and figure out how to use some of this stash.... Why do the ones of us that love to collect do this?????I have been so conscious of what I purchase and still have a house full of stash....I will share some of my stash and if it stays or goes as I sort through.... I need to organize.......


Sandi said...

Oh Marietta,
I think there are more of us out there just like you. Although I will say that my antique booth is where part of my stash is going. Things I just don't want anymore, but I know someone else will love them. We are indeed very blessed!

Stella said...

I know the feeling I have so many collections and know my girls probably aren't going to want them. They call my precious treasures an-creepies. They don[t understand why anyone goes and buys old stuff. So I would love to see your stash and uh and ohh over it with you. And then tell you had better keep it