Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trip To Blissfield Michigan

Saturday Tom and I traveled to Blissfield Michigan to a open house and then back around the Toledo area and then out to supper with his brother... I did purchase a couple finds.... the framed blackboard is about 30 inches long... nice size and the silver tray 24 inches without the handles.... The two items I choose was from "Patina" and I saw many others I would have enjoyed.... Also in Maumee we stopped at Maumee at the Andersons and I ask for wind chimes... The gentleman ask if I wanted tinkle, tinkle or serious chimes... Of course I told him serious wind chimes and I found them... One serious wind chimes was 249.00... I choose the next one down from that serious wind chime as I wasn't quite that serious... I now have soft and gentle sounds that sounds like they are coming from a church organ much of the day... I have always been drawn to wind chimes and know I will find them relaxing as I enjoy our outdoor space by the pool whenever the weather settles... Our temps are fairly good for this week but rain in the forecast several more days.... More patience is going to be required...  I will snap some pics of outdoor space as the weather permits ....

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Sandi said...

Loving that chalkboard Marietta! What a nice find. Glad you got your serious wind chimes too. :)