Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Musings

Everything I seem to love comes in wide arrays... Objects that have been made with the utmost of care... Sparkling gems to rustic rust.. Marble to weathered stone. Lovely linens to grain sacks.. The sincere desire of these seem to nourish the body, mind, and soul.
     It has been very disturbing this year with the loss of lovely gardens, lawns, plants, and fields of crops.... Usually our ground is green and lush with lovely foliage's, but many have died... With outdoor living being our main form of entertainment , this has been a rather sad summer... We tend to think our everyday blessings will just always be there.   The extreme heat and no rain has made me envious if the old-fashion Victorian times where cool evening breezes echoed through nights from all directions, ensuring a comfortable nights rest... I have had several night of very limited sleep.. due to both heat and health issues... Our area once again has several upcoming days in the higher 90's... including today... My prayers are many for rain ... for lovely grounds and fields and beyond the vintage finds and re purposed goods... the presence of family and friends.. Through out our great country, we seem to be experiencing large amounts of devastation... Waking each morning, you never know what is to come or what you will find out throughout the hours of one's day.  It is hard for me, myself to think of any better experience than waking up in one's own home that we love. I hope God will speed us the rain we need and the care required during these times that are not as good as usual... If your life is good and seems perfect right now... Enjoy the moments... and remember to celebrate... Life at our home is not so perfect but I am still so very blessed and for that I am thankful...

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Ira Huberts said...

I wish I could send you some of the rains we've been experiencing the past few weeks Marietta... Sometimes things are so unequally divided... With all my heart I hope that you are doing fine and that you are able to sleep a bit better. Wishing you the best, love, Ira