Monday, November 12, 2012

Trees In Showroom

Saying a rainy "hello" from NW Ohio today... Taking a short break before preparing lunch a few household chores... Just went to storage and took a Santa Suit that was purchased at Chicago Gift Mart years ago on a buying trip there for the Floral and Gift Shoppe strictly meant for decorating display and want to find a spot to fit it in this year... It may be a touch difficult as I have decorated in pinks and it is a deep burgundy but I will make it work somewhere as I think my little granddaughter will enjoy it.... She will be coming to stay this Wednesday morning for a couple hours...
    I am sharing a site I think you will enjoy .... I purchased for many years from this company as it was one of my favorites...  Always in awe as you moved around the showroom and always found many ideas and inspiration and of course many items for purchase for shoppe... The showrooms and trees are created by designers and most are fabulous... I created many similar trees when in the industry but now choose a simple little tree to enjoy for my personal home... not one that would be found in a showroom... It is much easier to create when you have endless inventory to work with and not the smaller amount you would have for ones self... Hope you enjoy the RAZ trees ... I have only shown two of my favorites.. Please go on site and there is also a place to click to see previous years trees...  Click on IMAGE GALLERY.... What is your favorite?

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