Friday, February 18, 2011

Found A Home

I found a home for the orphaned vintage rhinestone earring I posted yesterday. I placed it on one of my vintage beautiful perfume bottles.. Embellish... embellish... embellish.... One of my favorite things to do... We feel we need to embellish our clothing with jewelry of all kinds... scarfs... belts... and many different accents and I love applying this to my home.. This creates a lovely result of personality. I so enjoy viewing homes with added charm.. So many times I enter homes that I cannot see one thing that shows what the people that abide there are interested in.. I love lots of personality... What are you thinking of as a way to add congeniality to your space?


Curtains In My Tree said...

I was just thinking the same thing about what you said about going in someones home and they have no personality about them. So clean and organized no excess LOL

I have a dear friend who I tell you doesn't like anything I told her she is so boring. She thinks I need help so there you go.

I am so glad to have this craving for things of old and happy you appreciate my treasures.


Tracy said...

You certainly were determined to find a home for that earring...good for you! Dont' you like when things come together?

Ira said...

A house can never be a home when there are no personal objects inside. Then it's like walking through a furniture shop basically :-) Love your earring! Have a great weekend,