Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't Ya Love These Little Carved Pumpkins

Don't ya just love the carved pumkons that are available for us to use from year to year .... I have had this small little pumpkin for about 4 seasons now... I like to set in in my kitchen window above the sink so I can view it's little message to me as I work my way through the day. Again today it is just a picture perfect day and I am really sitting and enjoying it just a touch too much. Tom was going to play golf this morning with his son Todd and then home from Indy.... I want to straighten the house up and need to think of what I am going to place in the oven for a evening meal... I did travel outside this morning to sweep off the porch and 2 decks in the back area and it was just lovely... In the background I can hear some farm machinery started to harvest... Occasional leaves were dropping as I swept from the season being about 4 weeks early due to our lack of rain this summer...`Gee I need to go view that pumpkin again and make myself very thankful I have a home to clean and a lovely kitchen to prepare food in and "get her done"...... Best wishes for a wonderful fall day.......

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kathy said...

YOur pumpkin is lovely -- and I love the style of the jar and lid - I don't know why , been enthralled by glass containers lately -- Keeping my fingers crossed , you paperdoll creations are so lovely
It is feeling like fall in the early morning here in the south but gets to be 80 in the daytime -
So enjoying that also -
Have a blessed day - kathy - GA