Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The photo above is of Tom wishing he was doing this instead of what he is doing right this minute....
For many of us we treasure old things because it reminds us of another time and place... For me.... I find the endurance of the object to be inspiring. I love using my imagination to find a new life for the piece. I don't tend to fall for the trends... I don't have to have museum pieces or signed pieces, just a sweet little piece that speaks to me.."Take me home" Packaging sells items... it is the eye candy and this also takes place when decorating one's home. The way we display little loved objects as buttons and vintage jewels can set a tone for small details... Mixing and matching brings back childhood as funds were not available for matching everything as some do in today's era. I believe this is what makes me comfortable with collections of loved objects.... For most of us I think our homes show most of our personalities... Items like scented candles... sachets... bath oils and perfumes show we are not afraid to pamper... The use of a object in another way shows creativity to me. I so enjoy and find inspiration from viewing displays of others as I have stated in the past. Today I would love to go treasure shopping...... BUT.... Tom is outside blowing foots of snow and at this time I would be knee deep getting out my doors... I will just visit some of your lovely blogs and get my inspiration... I just sat a couple sticks of butter out to soften on the kitchen counter.... to make a batch of old fashion oatmeal cookies.... Seems due to the winter's blast we have eaten all the chocolate chip ones I made last week. Yikes, the weather best break soon.... we are sitting and indulging.....well I am off to visit some of you......


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Marietta!

We're indulging way too much down here! Wes is out shoveling snow right now - his little snow blower isn't strong enough to do the job!

I love creating treasures out of things to make a new fabulous piece! Or trying to achieve a look for pennies. If we were rich we wouldn't have to use our craftiness and artistic ability. Anyway that's what I keep telling myself.

Stay warm and happy and enjoy those oatmeal cookies!

Big hugs, Sherry

Oh no it's snowing again here!

Marilyn said...

Day before yesterday I made a couple of dozen homemade sticky buns.... Mmmmmm....They are still hangin' around tempting me with a hot cup o' coffee!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sandi said...

Is that your pool Marietta???? It is gorgeous!! We had an above ground pool for several years, but it was so much work that we sold it. Oh how I wish it were warm. I was just outside shoveling the walk and we have snow that's for sure!!

The Victorian Parlor said...


I hope you are able to dig out soon:). The oatmeal cookies sound yummy:)! BTW, our dogs, Lizzy and Calvn, were enthralled by the bird sounds coming from your blog:).



Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Marietta....we are doing the same thing....moving snow out of the way. I love to see snow but this is ridiculous! Homemade cookies would make me happier I think! Stay warm and safe!~Patti

Charlene said...

YUM! Home made cookies are my favorite. I always have to hit the walking trail or bike in the spring due to indulgences & lack of excercise while it's cold out. Enjoy & I agree that looking at everyone's eye candy is the best! And it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!! Stay warm & eat a cookie for me. HUGS! Charlene