Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Christmas Nail and A Thank You

Last holiday season I shared many Christmas Legends with you. My favorite is "The Christmas Nail" and yes I do have the glittered nail and tag on my tree again this year... I also made some gift cards for friends...

The Christmas Nail

It's Christmas time at our house and were putting up the tree. I wish I could find some simple way to remember Christs gift to me.. Some little signs or symbol to show friends stopping by, the little babe was born one day but he really came to die. Some symbol of his nail pierced hands, the blood he shed for me. What if I hung a simple nail on my shinning Christmas tree? A crimson bow around the nail as his blood flowed down so free. To save each person from their sin and redeem us for eternity. I know it was his love for us that held him to that tree. But when I see this simple nail, I know he died for me. John Patton

The Christmas nail is to be hung on a sturdy branch, the branch near the trunk of the tree. A branch that may not be noticed by well wishers dropping by to admire the tinseled tree. It is hung with the thoughts the Christmas tree fore shadows the Christ Tree which only he could decorate for us by offering us salvation by his crucifixion....

In the act of giving I wanted to share , along with my sincere thanks to Teresa her generous give-a-way of which I was one of the fortunate winners. Thank you ever so much... Teresa and her husband Dave went through a very tough time and many situations this past year but it did not fade her desire for sharing... Her husband Dave is doing well but I am sure there are many situations still that are to taken care of. My personal wish for them this holiday season is to enjoy every little moment of joy and peace offered to them.Blessings to you both. I will think of you often as I enjoy my gift..

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Lady Farmer said...

I have never hear this legend before ~ I *love* it! May I borrow your idea for my Christmas Cards this year?
And, oh, how fun! You have gotten a present already! ;~P It's fun to be the winner of a giveaway! Congratulations!
Christmas Cheer!