Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sharing Lovely Moments The Key To Life

Snow has once again melted into the soil and the sun is shinning for today... So pleasant... Tomorrow and next couple days has a forecast of heavy rains... Thoughts that the rivers that are causing area flooding will subside some before this takes place...
I had a strong desire to take special time today and offer blessings and thanks to all of you the stop by.. I hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon for a sip of Time worn Vintage... Many of my readers already know I have gained knowledge through this journey we call life that all things are not perfect. Maybe that is one of the reasons that my passion for objects that surround me do not have to be to perfect perfection.. I certainly have imperfections with the process of aging but my ability for acceptance of people and pre-loved items have grown stronger through time. A walk through a time worn home filled with love is a truly charming and relaxing event. Lovely china, linens and pink roses added with the sparkle of candlelight and crystal is sure to lift any mood.. All this is my personal style and evoked elegance and durability. All in a lovely vintage elegance... With the passion of Victoriana and timeworn patina and keeping that in mind, I hope you will continue to visit and share time and kind words and add support.. It is truly a pleasure to try to inspire and enjoy the loves as a woman and enjoy glamorous objects of different eras of years passed.
Oh, by the love and grace I hope to be able to share lovely moments and small events with you... Thanks once again ever so much for coming here and adding pleasure to my life... Many joys and blessings sent to all of you....

I think the statement to be wealthy, not rich, gives us much desired food for thought... Learn to listen with a open heart to the birds and babes and to view the stars.. To bear cheerfully and love openly.... unknown


jinxxxygirl said...

wanted you to know the bird sounds on your blog fooled my cat while he was sitting in my lap. Too funny!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Marietta,

This is a beautifully written post. I couldn't agree more. Your blog is lovely. I will be back to visit. Have a lovely day!


tammy n said...

You have such a lovely style of writing. It reminds me of reading the Bliss Victoria magazine writings. Just Lovely!♥

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Marietta,
thanks so much for stoppinng by
You write beautiful posts and I just love the images.
Havee a wonderful weekend.

Ira said...

There are so many people out here that totally agree with what you say Marietta, I'm one of them :-) Just dropping in to say hi and to wish you a lovely weekend! Take care, Ira

Shopgirl said...

My dog LB goes a little nuts trying to find what he is hearing from your blog. I love to read your posts, always a soft place to land. Big Hugs, Mary

Tracy said...

That is such a beautiful sentiment...I thank you! Your home is lovely and I love the comment you made about your home being 'well-worn' but isn't that what a home is suppose to be?

I hope the rain doesn't cause any more damage!