Sunday, March 20, 2011

Timeworn Love

Yesterday the sun was shinning and the temps were desirable after a few months of winters fury and I gave into my minds urging my body to get out and enjoy a bit. I headed to Defiance to visit Deanna at Fort Defiance Antique Shoppe. I believe others may have been having the same urge as her and hubby seemed very busy taking care of their customers... I found some great small objects for my love of altered art and changing my glass cloches... Oh, I fell in love with the baby high top shoes in the best condition. .. and one big gust of wind and my budget went flying right out the window, I saw a few other treasures that I stopped, enjoyed, gave a big sigh... and moved on... Once I found the sweet shoes my thoughts moved on to more affordable little objects... The shoes made my thoughts travel to a Mother's Day display in my large glass cloche... I found a lace collar { I have several} some old millinery... a wonderful old ivory" Mother" brooch.. marked from Germany... instant adopted family old photos and a couple old books and keys.. Not staying within my resolutions to re-purpose what I have... I still found myself to be " Over the moon" with the little shoes.. I am thinking I am way to anxious to get them tucked in with other little treasures in the cloche to wait till Mother's Day and just may skip the spring display. I find I love using old images in almost all my vignettes. Small little treats of objects with personality bring me contentment along with my slower pace of life now.. without having constant deadlines in my life... I have ample time for my thoughts to simmer with little projects I would like to do... I have learned to relax, not bend to the stress of always wanting new and be ever so content with what I have.. The beauty you enjoy is a state of the heart and mind and no riches will make you happy if they aren't in the right place. Our homes are our sanctuary and if we can't afford them we certainly aren't going to be able to enjoy them... Leading a romantic, casual, lifestyle is my style.. Wisdom has taught me this very important life's lesson.. Wishing you all a lovely day.. Our temps are to get colder the next couple days.. but spring will come.. After I finish fussing with my cloche I will share.. Enjoy your blessings....


Barbara Jean said...


barbara jean

Ira said...

Goodness, such great finds this weekend Marietta! I can see why you fell for the baby shoes, they're totally adorable! The person that once 'inhabited' these shoes has written a little history, too! Hope you have a lovely Sunday, take care, Ira

Sandi said...

What sweet items you found Mariettia! I am glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day and pick up some treasures. Those sweet little shoes look exactly like some that I sold in my Etsy shop several months ago. Too cute!

Tracy said...

I'm glad that spring is finding you in Ohio...I had to smirk at your thought about always wanting new and learning to be content with what you have; ahhh, so true- something I need to remind myself of as well.
I love the photo of the shoes; they had such tiny feet didn't they? Our feet are huge in comparison :)
Have a lovelyday!

victorian parlor II said...

What lovely treasures! I can't wait to see the cloche!