Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Think I Might

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Our area continues to not be able to get in the fields and gardens to get plantings completed... Farmers are worried and under stress. My thoughts and hopes are to soon get out of doors and spent some precious time..

I believe this morning, I think I may, I think I might, be able to spend some time outside... I would at least like to be able to get my solar lights up on my back decks on the railings and get them charged and functioning... I know it is once again to wet to dig... My desires are to add a bit of romance to my outdoor spaces also... What can possibly be more instantly relaxing than walking in outdoor spaces with a gently breeze and lovely foliage's and flowers to surround you... Embellishments offer instant eye candy when placed in garden spaces... Your imagination only fills the candy jar and adds richness when created with your personal style... I am so ready to enhance my life with creating ambiance in my garden spaces... Remember our skills and budget will define what we will be able to accomplish... Our methods of creating will be tested if on a budget... Oh that's me... ahhhh.... I always in my eyes think pillows and cushion shout relaxing when used on the outside as well as the inside of our homes... Most of the time I must take my pillows and place them in and out as the elements would destroy them in our area in the site of a year.... Also some sort of seating such as benches or a table and chairs { with the cushions and pillows and oh so lovely in vintage fabrics} , some old cups and saucers... maybe a candle tucked in a old jam jar and all this would work wonderful for me... Especially as the sun sets and the stars make ready their appearance.....


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

No rain so far today but still overcast. I wish the temps could be a little on the warmer side too. I would like to go out and buy some annuals for my outdoor pots but without the sun my heart is not in it. Going garage saling on Saturday...looking forward to that! Thanks for the beautiful images!~Hugs, Patti

Laurie said...

Dear Marietta,
I love to dream of my garden and how I can add touches of romance. One of these days I'm going to take my chipped saucers and use them as a border around my flowers. I love the idea of using pillows and such, but our heat and especially the humidity would have them mildewed in no time. I suppose I could constantly wash them...I do keep a few small pillows on our wicker and they seem to fare pretty well. I bought them at the thrift store so if they get too yucky I'll just toss them.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
P.S. I love your header! So romantic!

Shopgirl said...

These pictures are beautiful. Our farmers are worried here also. We have had a couple of days without rain, so we hope they are able to plant. We have not planted our garden yet, time is running out, we have a short season in a perfect season, but this makes it very hard to have a good harvest.
Have a wonderful day, Mary

Sandi said...

I am SO over all this rain and wish it would stop! I see the forecast has another five possible days of it. I hope not! UGH!

I have been to two greenhouses and brought home flowers and none are planted yet. :( Maybe tomorrow??

Lovely photos!!