Sunday, May 1, 2011

Using Old Garden Tools in Garden Spaces

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Country charm comes with a unique elegance of a summer romance... Nothing like to rise and shine and enjoy different outdoor spaces every day.. The very best of news is you can decide just how far you would like to go with your decorating....and gardening......

Outdoor rooms and spaces are a simple extension of our homes.. Fixing up our decks and patios and other spaces gives us lovely areas for relaxing and entertaining... I am in so much envy of you who have your outdoor spaces fixed up and are using them in the southern states... When I finally come to the time to be able to serve the desirable beverages such as ice tea or hot tea or lemonade I just believe it to be so much more lovely to serve from glasses and real china... Much more Royal...{Oh dear, I must have watched too much of the Royal Wedding this weekend} Clear pitchers or even canning jar used as pitchers and smaller pint jars as glasses become more appealing as we can view the ice and beverages of sweet tea and lemonade... As I am sifting through things I will be making use of in my garden spaces I will thinking of unique ways of adding it to the garden... It will most likely be achieved with orphaned re-cycled objects... While I love the English garden all manicured and lovely... my little homestead calls for the uses of old garden tools and old china in it's space... I am hoping to start some of these projects this coming week ... The weather report calls for sun on Wednesday and Thursday... I will be excited if and when it takes place however.... Till then I have shared some ideas with you found on the sites named below the pics... Enjoy....


Marilyn said...

Our ground is still saturated but we managed to get a lot of yard work done this weekend!! I so love the summer & the out-door rooms we create!
Your pics are beautiful!!

Shopgirl said...

I really enjoy old gardening tools, they just feel right in my hand. Love all your pictures, we are sunny today and that is a really gift. Happy may Day, Mary

Diane said...

Nothing is more wonderful than sitting out on our porch for awhile when we get home from work on a summer evening. It is great to have somewhere other than the house we were locked in all winter to enjoy the warmer weather.


Alicia@ eco friendlt homemaking said...

Oh I love all of these pictures! I especially like the plants in the bicycle.That is so unique looking!I love fixing up our deck and back yard because we like to spend so much time out there. Great post!!