Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Working in Outdoor Spaces

Yesterday , the last couple days have been spent out of doors, working at garden spaces.. Tom purchased 150.00 in flowers and vines to be planted yesterday... I know they will spread and get bigger but it seems they just don't go very far but I made a promise to myself to stay on a tight budget this year... It does look as thought I am going to be getting a short break for my aching back this morning as Mother Nature is speaking with thunder and lashing her lightening and watering my flowers planted yesterday with her giant watering system... It is ok, as I have so many projects and chores to keep me busy... It seems I get so far behind when I work in my outdoor spaces... I have to make ready my little china water features and haven't buried my china in my garden spaces yet so will help fill and add color.... I am so looking forward to all of you sharing you our door spaces and creative inspiration... I will share some pics soon... Sending best wishes....

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