Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Dreaming....Again

When getting ready to retire last evening I knew many people were once again in devastation... Waking up this morning after getting up throughout the night to check things our in our area as the winds blew and was threatening... I learned that many families have once again suffered with loss of lives and personal belongings and housing...Seems we cannot complete anything with our outdoor spaces... everything I have accomplished is just a mess.... our forecast is once again filled with a week of rain.... I just continue to dream of how things should be.... long for a romantic setting... that doesn't mean I need romance in the air... I think I just long for some calmness for myself and oh so much for others that hurting so very badly.... I do not ask for riches.... I can enjoy a romantic setting so very much... by myself... with a loved one or family and friends... It is the eye candy that creates a lovely frame of mind and allows us to enjoy..... { I realize that frame of mind this morning needs a slight adjustment}Romance in my eyes can be found almost everywhere... A lovely rose bush, countryside of stunning architecture or lush landscapes, homes or outdoor spaces filled with a vintage appeal.. A special dinner is always pleasing... Mixing it can be a simple as old china and a sweet bud and a flickering candle.. it is the ambiance you are creating that makes romantic... If you love music it is a wonderful way when played very softly in the background... Make sure it is soft however so voices are not talking over it taking away from a relaxed atmosphere... The key ingredients to romantic includes terms such as,, vintage,antique, distressed, and eclectic.. incorporating the use of old, new, and just plain cheap objects of re-purpose.. I seem to always be trying to inspire myself and other that beauty can be trying to inspire myself and others that beauty can surely be accomplished on a budget... Searching magazines and books and the web to spark ideas and place my own stamp on them.... I am off to try to repair some yard items that were tossed around by the winds last night and clean up messes... Best wishes to you all and I hope all my blogging friends we not affected by last nights storms will promises of more to come... Stay safe....

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Candy said...

Love the way you dream and I'm joining you in prayer for those in such need.
Blessings ;-)